PushBots updates
PushBots updates

Introducing Smart Notifications A/B testing






It happens that we guess factors impacting the responsiveness of our users to notifications. So we wanted to experiment, instead of, you know guessing. We wanted to create a real-time, smart and a beautiful A/B testing experience for push notifications.

With PushBots you and your team can conduct A/B experiments whether manually (a classic 50/50 split), or automated; we send two variants to a subset of your users, then we send the better performing message automatically to the rest of your users. You can adjust the wait time before comparing results.

The thing we wanted to focus on most, was UX. We wanted to see real-time experiment result stats and delivery stats. I’m perfectly aware there’s a lot to improve, but this seems to be a good start. The feature works on Mobile apps as well as websites, all-in-one!

Every audience is different, so we hope this helps you figure out what works for your users! Thanks again for checking this out! If you have any questions at all, we are here to help!

🛰 Check it out: https://pushbots.com/features/ab-testing

If Product Hunt is your jam, here you go: https://producthunt.com/posts/smart-notifications-a-b-testing