PushBots updates
PushBots updates

Better filtering for your users





Sometimes, you just need more filters to narrow down your search for a certain segment or user.

We have redesigned our devices page so you can get the filters you need to reach an amazing granularity of user selection!

You can make complex queries with a very easy to use interface. For example, you can find out who were the users who were active in the past 30 days, or find users who subscribed on a certain day, in a certain country. and much more!

Head to your app, click devices and experience our re-designed filtering.


Introducing Smart Scheduling! [beta]





Deciding when to send a push message is tricky. For some apps, it's even trickier. As their user base grows to include users from different countries/time-zones and with different individual behaviors.

In an attempt to answer this question, we are pleased to announce our latest feature; Smart Scheduling. Using the power of AI and machine learning, we have analyzed millions of push messages, identified different patterns and built a predictive model that is able to predict the ideal notification delivery time for each user.

This is an experimental feature that will evolve and get smarter the more we use it.

Screenshot (54).png

Enhanced performance for live apps





Upon many requests, we have decided to allocate more and better resources for live apps. From now on, all apps, are by default in the Sandbox environment. When you release your app to either the Google Play store or the Apple App Store and get more than 200 downloads, you will see the option in your app settings to change app status to production.

Notifications sent from live apps will experience better performance and will be prioritized vs ones sent from sandbox apps.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 5.44.03 PM.png

NEW: Basic Targeting





You can now target users based on what they speak, what platform they use and what country they live in.Create a new campaign, and in the Who screen select Targeted, and get an immediate estimation to your reach.


Learn more

App Cards Showing Daily Active Users





We are trying to make app cards more useful, therefore we added some visual clues to the card, graphing your daily active users and introducing a new tab, in the navigation bar.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 12.52.38 AM.png

Introducing Localization (Beta)





Push notification localization empowers you to create different multilingual versions of a given push notification and target the users of each language accordingly, all within one campaign.

This is now available as beta to try out for our pro customers.

Learn in details about how to localize a push message.


Dashboard Customization





We wanted to make your dashboard a little bit more personal.

Now you can go to your account settings, click "customize" tab and choose your own loading animation and custom message. welcomehome.gif

Also in your profile tab, you can now upload your own avatar. If you don't do so, we will temporarily use your gravatar profile anyway.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 18.31.30.png

This is a step of a series of yet-to-come steps to make your PushBots dashboard more personal. Stay tuned.

PHP API Client Refresh





As PHP is our most used client for our API. We have re-written the client from scratch to improve performance and fix a few issues. Here are the important highlights:

  • Rewrite to use Guzzle 6.
  • Composer support.
  • PHP 7.1 support
  • Support sending to test devices.

You can try it from here


Phonegap/Cordova SDK Update





We are happy to announce that we have rolled out a critical update for our Phonegap SDK with version 1.5.x

This update includes:

  • Xcode 9.x/iOS 11 support.
  • Fix notifications with android Oreo.
  • Number of bug fixes referenced on our github repo.
  • Push polls support.

You are highly encouraged to update your Phonegap apps containing PushBots SDK.

To Update from version 1.4.x

To install 1.5.x

A new status page





As one of our 2018 goals is to better keep our customers in the loop, we are happy to release a status page to help everyone follow our service health with metrics on uptime and response time. The page will also enable our customers to easily be informed about maintenance or incidents.

The page can be found here: https://status.pushbots.com. Subscribe there to be notified immediatly with any service health updates.