A new status page

As one of our 2018 goals is to better keep our customers in the loop, we are happy to release a status page to help everyone follow our service health with metrics on uptime and response time. The page will also enable our customers to easily be informed about maintenance or incidents.

The page can be found here: https://status.pushbots.com. Subscribe there to be notified immediatly with any service health updates.

Introducing PushPolls [beta]!

Polls make it super easy for your audience to engage and provide feedback. And today it's in your notifications as well! (mobile and web). Our team has been working day and night to get you PushPolls; Instant cross-platform polls via push notifications.

Creating a push-poll is really straightforward: go to your dashboard, send a new push campaign, and choose poll.Your audience gets a notification through your existing app and answers in real time. You see live responses and share it with the world!

PushPolls works out of the box in your app and website, right away. We can't wait to see what you will create with this!

We are on producthunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/pushpolls-by-pushbots

Improved Userbase page

We have improved our Userbase page to make it easier to navigate and faster to load. In addition, we have added a new summary part in the overview section that gives you the most important insights on your audience.

Testing campaigns before sending

Now, you can say good-bye to receiving a push campaign that looks different than what you expected. Before you send a campaign, now you can send a sample notification to your testing device.

Fresh New Dashboard Design

We've just rolled out a design refresh to the PushBots dashboard! This is only a step to make our dashboard easier to deal with and more intuitive. The update includes a completely re-invented campaign sender and an improved devices page. More is coming!

Ionic 3 SDK fix

We have pushed a fix for a bug that caused PushBots SDK to fail with Ionic 3.

Updated instructions: https://www.pushbots.help/install-pushbots-in-your-app-or-website/ionic/add-pushbots-to-your-ionic-app

Timezone support

It's now possible to schedule campaigns in different time zones from your dashboard. Just pick a timezone, and date/time in the future, schedule and we'll handle the rest.

Android SDK update - Oreo fix

We have made a crucial fix to our SDK that caused a crash in Android 8 devices. We highly recommend you to update to the latest version.

To get the update, please use the latest version 3.0.4.

compile 'com.pushbots:pushbots-lib:3.0.4@aar'

New activity stream

Our customers felt the need to know recent activities taking a place within the account. So we are happy to announce the birth of our activity steam. Everytime you create/delete/edit an app, add a credit card, send or schedule a campaign you will be able to see this on the right side of your dashboard.

We have added activities concerning apps, campaigns, and account. We will be adding more as we go.

Support for social login

Better late than never. To make your life easier signing in and up, you can now login or sign up using your Github or Google identity without having to write an email and password.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely PushBots will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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